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Different places, different cultural absorptions, as well as spices. As an Indonesian, this commodity is very closely related to everyday life. Spices greet the sense of taste through cooking spices, also leave certain memories through distinctive aromas, for example.

The use of spices in other parts of the world is actually not too different. Assimilation of local culture which then makes it have their own identity.

In Indonesia, Wawan Sujarwo, Ph.D., from the Ethnobiological Society of Indonesia said that while spices are synonymous with serving spices, these commodities are also used as traditional medicines and aromatherapy ingredients. In terms of aromatherapy, cinnamon is the most popular.

“Cinnamon is also known as a legendary (traditional) medicine in eastern Indonesia,” he said at the 2021 International Forum on Spice Route (IFSR), Tuesday, September 20, 2021.

Prof. Zaal Kikvidze, Ph.D. from Ilia State University, Tbilisi, Georgia continued that in his country, which is located at the “crossroads” of Asia-Europe and is included in the Silk Road, spices are dominant in complementing the taste of the dish. “Besides, of course Georgia is known for its wine-making heritage,” he said at the same time.

Some common spices in Georgia include coriander, marigold, basil, mint, turmeric, oregano, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla. He then showed the culinary in the form of sorghum porridge served with prunus sauce which was recorded at the Ethnographic Museum, Tbilisi.

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