Also known as : Curcuma, Curcuma aromatica, Curcuma domestica, Curcumae longa, Curcumae Longae Rhizoma and etc. A well known native plant to south east asia, It is used in many products such as canned beverages, baked products, dairy products, ice cream, yogurt, yellow cakes, orange juice, biscuits, popcorn color, cereals, sauces, and gelatin. It is a principal ingredient in curry powders.
Our turmeric is carefully processed starting from the harvesting process carried out from the garden, the cleaning process and the packaging process. our product. some consumers ask for our products in powder form, all of which are made purely with 100% turmeric without any mixture of ingredients
currently we supply turmeric to consumers of traditional traders, restaurants, traditional markets and also industrial needs as well as export markets


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